EPSRC GCRF Institutional Sponsorship
Remote sensing technology is advancing fast and bringing new opportunities to access inaccessible areas of the world. We propose to test the applicability of some of the latest remote sensing products in a remote area of the Colombian Amazon, the Orinoco Basin, by developing algorithms to validate data based on unmanned airbone vehicles (UAV) ground-truth data. We aim at a) predicting weather patterns; b) fire detection; c) monitoring deforestation and land-use changes. At present, most remote sensing products are yet to be validated with ground-truth data, and there is a lot of uncertainty on the reliability of the latest remote sensing derived products to predict weather, forest biomass and land-use change patters. In South America, most validation and calibration efforts focus on the Brazilian Amazon, with no data and estimates available for the Colombian Amazon. This is a novel and cross-cutting proposal that proposes to provide pioneer data to fill this important gap. We aim to validate the latest remote sensing products as well as to test an open source processing platform in beta version (Google Earth Engine) for this isolated region of the world. With this we are establishing a new collaboration between University of Oxford and Universidad Nacional de Colombia, to develop region-specific validation algorithms and gather pilot information accuracy estimates for writing a larger grant proposal during 2018.
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