Hydrodynamic evaluation of elevated Sewer Two-sided Sideweir in supercritical regime using CFD simulation
This work shows the flow analysis of an elevated Sewer Two-sided Sideweir in a supercritical regime using CFD with experimental data and information collected from Two-side weirs of Aburra Valley sewer system (Antioquia, Colombia). A Two-sided Sideweir with a prismatic circular section was calibrated and numerically validated. The effects of turbulence and free surface variations are simulated in three dimensions using the k-¿ Realizable and Volume of Fluid (VOF) models, respectively. To simulate the elevated Sewer Two-sided Sideweir, the Coupled solver is used with the Pseudo-Transient method. It solves steady-state flows and accelerates the convergence of the solution. The simulations show that the numerical model predicts the experimental measurements of flow rates and variation of the free surface with good precision. It has errors of 3.65% and 3.12% and less than 6.6% in the estimation of the flow profile.
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